Term of Service

VPN Functions in General. The use of VPN is a safe way to access a Local Area Network (LAN) that is certain, through an internet connection or other network to transmit data privately.

VPN basically can be used to help secure the privacy of the data that you use so that it is not easily detected from those who want to hack personal data.

Please note that using a VPN can be an important requirement in the world of the Internet. But many are abusing for bad purposes.

We hereby warn VPN service players not to use what we suggest and recommend that you not use it in a negative way.

Because we will not be responsible if there is a violation that you committed, because VPN if used incorrectly can be something that ensnares you into a crime.

With that, USDVPN.NET advises you to use it wisely so that the farthest away from criminal actions can harm you. Thank you