How to use VPN for free

The internet is one of the most useful media. In place, there is enough content and information that can be provided to users.

However, not infrequently negative content also appears in it. And as a preventive measure, the government usually bans a number of pages that are considered dangerous and negative difficult things.

In fact, some websites that provide the best information such as Reddit must be blocked because of some of the content. Of course this is a little disappointing users who recommend the site.

Now VPN in addition to providing additional security in cyberspace can also pass the block to be able to access the page again. To use VPN, users must have a VPN account, which can be purchased by purchase.

In addition, users also have to set some things when they have to use it on an Android device. Then, is there a way to use VPN on Android devices for free and easily?

How to use VPN on Android iOS for free

  • First of all, users must download the Betternet VPN application from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Wait for the installation process to finish, and open the application.
  • Set multiple permissions by pressing the appropriate button.
  • When done, press the Connect button and the application will start searching for the closest server to provide better access.
  • Wait for the process to connect, until the Change Region button appears or a key appears in the notification bar, indicating that VPN is active.
  • Users can change servers by pressing the Change Region button, but most servers can only be used on the paid version.
  • To turn off VPN, users can tap the Disconnect button on the main screen.

Easy right? To use a VPN without the need to incur costs or bother to create a VPN account, using a third-party application becomes a fairly widely used recommendation. In addition, some third-party applications also offer security in accessing the internet network.

There are many third-party VPN applications on the Google Play Store and some we also recommend. Users can choose one, and install the VPN application on their device. Generally in all these applications, VPN can be activated with a single button.

With these steps, users can access web pages that are blocked by the government or that do not allow users from Indonesia to access them. In addition, by activating VPN, internet access can be faster.